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  • Harmonised fabric collection
  • Zip function
  • Flexible installation
  • Electric awning drive
  • Customisable
  • Standard colours: 7016ST, 8014ST, 9006ST, 9010
  • Any other RAL or Tiger colours can also be chosen
  • CE-certified aluminium
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Product description:

We have recently launched new customised APT under-glass awnings for our roofs.
Our under-glass awnings feature high levels of stability and customisable design options.
With our locking bar, we are bringing to market a mounting technology that greatly simplifies direct installation.
Thanks to the coordinated interaction of zip profile, drawstring and gas spring, we can guarantee high levels of tension.
The movements are also made smooth and even by our gas spring.
Our harmonised fabric collection visually rounds off our design possibilities.
The under-glass awning offers not only modern design but also top quality thanks to the durable and weather-resistant aluminium.

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