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Product features:

  • Multi-skin sheet in opaque / clear
  • rounded with Softline or Kingston attachment
  • Standard colours: 7016ST (structured anthracite), 9010 smooth (white), 9006ST (structured silver-grey)
  • any special colours
  • Tailored to customer specifications
  • CE certified aluminium
  • New standard color 8014ST (structured sepia)
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Product description:

To suit customers’ requirements, our roofs are designed with multi-skin sheets or as glass roofs. All our multi-skin sheet and glass roofs are produced according to customer specifications. In addition to a choice between clear and opaque 16 mm multi-skin sheets, we also provide the option of sunshades for the perfect roof.

Our glass roofs promise high stability and plenty of scope for design creativity. Using glass makes it possible to make optimum use of natural light without compromising on quality because of the modern design. Our glass roofs are produced to be compatible with 8 mm or 10 mm LSG glass.

Alongside modern design, our terrace roofs provide optimum quality, thanks to the highly durable and weatherproof aluminium. The roofing can be upgraded at a later date with matching accessories such as windows, sliding doors and tilt-and-turn doors, making it customisable to suit your needs.

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